Monday, 15 October 2012

Christmas lists and pumpkins..

Hi all,

Today I have bought a teeny weeny pumpkin. Ahhhh. It really is very teeny. As pumpkins go, that is. 

And I'm going to paint it. No, really, I've seen it done and tomorrow I'm going to do it too. Its a bit of a twist on the regular orange pumpkins that we tend to find in the UK, and I'm going to give it a whirl. I do keep promising actual photographic evidence of my painting, but tomorrow I will post before and after pumpkin shots !!! Hmmmm, ok, I hear you think.......

I am typing this with my 9 year old boy chattering away to me about his rapidly growing Christmas list. Now he is researching possible list entries on the PC.....OH NO..... he's talking about early Christmas gifts he has spotted on ebay, of course promising to give me the money - yeah, right son.

Oh, how times have changed...surely a satsuma and shiny pennies are enough? Ok, even I am not that old....or am I ?

Actually though, in my day we were excited to open the door on the advent calendar just to see the seasonal picture, not demolish the chocolate !! (OK, only because chocolate filled calendars weren't around then, I suppose.)

Righty-oh then, off up the wooden hill for me.



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