Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A bit like a bus, thats me :)

I know, I know...nothing for months, then twice in as many days ! 

Painted lots today...bathroom cabinet, mirror, metal coat hooks....resulting in my kitchen looking vaguely like a bomb has hit it.

Every cup of coffee that I have made today has gone cold and ended up with bits of paint floating in it AND I forgot to eat !!

And I have loved it.

Every minute.

Same time tomorrow then?

Bye-eee :)


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The sun shines through the rain sometimes


I've been away awhile. To be truthful, I've not been great these past couple of months, not very well. 

But now I'm on the up and have promised myself (and my sister) that I will kick myself up the bum a bit and start to paint again, start to blog again.

So because I can and I have to, here I am. 

I have SO many pieces of furniture waiting for me that I'm on a ban from buying any more. 

Hmmmm, well except those two tables last week, ah, and the little cupboard before that.....

You see my problem. 

Righto then, got to dash to get my boys from school, but rest assured, I'll be back.