Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We can move mountains when we have to...


Dizzy person here again, just a quick update on the protest march. Well, we have had some WONDERFUL news...the powers that be decided that the site in question would not be sold to the probation service to develop this bail hostel....so HALLELUJAH !!!!, we have succeeded in our efforts to fight this thing. The whole community can breathe again and 'normal' life can resume. The protest march turned into more of a victory celebration gathering, hundreds turning out on the streets to make our point peacefully - yet quite loudly, as it turned out!

So, I can turn my attentions to painting once again and get cracking on the many pieces that I physically CANNOT stop myself from finding, spotting and, erm, buying....
My house is so full of large pieces of furniture that visitors fail to notice them anymore. They find it totally acceptable that my hallway is completely blocked and you have to go the long way round to get to the kitchen if you are after a quick cup of tea. 

Lots of family stuff going on too, will talk more about that I daresay soon, I do find myself unburdening a bit when I hit the keyboard. Sorry in advance for that, I DO know that I twitter on a bit.....but not for now. Its late folks.

So with everyone else in this house in the land of nod, I'll say goodnight and join them.

Sweet dreams


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