Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A fight we must win.....

Hi everyone,

How are you all? Its been haphazard posting pattern is now at an all time peak and I hope to settle into an actual pattern soon. Apologies if I am driving you a bit batty with it !

I am aware that I started this blog as a painting diary, but find myself a bit swamped with other things at the moment...sometimes life just takes over, doesn't it? 

I live in a small town, just a normal community, with normal things....schools, shops, parks...normal families with normal lives. There has been a proposal put forward to build an approved premises, or bail hostel, right in the middle of our community. Five minutes walk to primary schools, nurseries, homes for the elderly. This hostel will house ex-offenders of the worst kind. Those who have committed crimes that are unmentionable, including crimes against children. As you can imagine, the very thought of this has struck terror into the hearts of us all, especially those with young families. Our community has joined forces and will march to voice our protest on Saturday 17th March. We have no choice. This is a fight we must win. Our children do not deserve this. It cannot happen. We cannot let it happen.

If anyone wishes to join us, all are welcome. If anyone can offer advice, that too, is welcome.

Wish us luck, we really need it.


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