Monday, 6 February 2012

Morning everyone - well afternoon now - wow, where did that go?.... (actually 8.30 pm now, I will keep stopping and starting this post..)
Sitting here with still paint splattered hands, brushes washed and I have five minutes to upload a few more photos. 
Am currently working on some new bits and bobs, lots of accessories to accompany the furniture - chalk painted, polka-dotted, rubbed back then waxed, all given the same care and attention that the larger pieces are treated to. Will share the photos of these too soon, can't wait!
Here I go again, talking when I should be uploading photos - get me started on paint colours and its tough to stop me - its that chalky, velvety finish, you see......:)

Ok, here goes ...

These few shots show the dresser that I have just finished. It is very 'neat' as my Mum says (she really wants this dresser very badly!). The paint colour has been specially mixed and two coats applied. Three coats of soft protective wax later and we have a really pretty piece of furniture. The surface has been stripped as you can see, then darkened with vintage wax and polished up. It has a lovely sheen, you can't help but keep stroking it, its soooo smooth! 

 The dark wax adds depth to the details on the door panels and drawer fronts and really makes the piece look authentically vintage. All in all, I love this dresser, its the first one I've done with glazed doors and I like the effect. 

Nearly forgot - did you spot the hearts behind the drawer knobs? These were hand cut and mounted specially, they add a real individual accent to this dresser.

Righto, off to do bedtime stories now, so will check in again tomorrow, hope to get more pictures of previous projects up on here for you to take a look at.

Astrosaurs, here we come...


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