Thursday, 9 February 2012

Is it going to snow?

It will, it won't.... will it, won't it? 
Just SNOW for goodness sake !!!! Please?
Go on, a big dumping of thick snow would be great tonight. The boys broke up from school today for half term, so very selfishly, tomorrow would be a good day to be snowed in. 
Quick painting update - today I completed a little pine unit for my looks smashing. Its so exciting to see a piece of furniture emerge from beneath layers of old varnish....this particular piece appeared to have been used as a resting place for hot drinks, judging by the number of ring marks on the top of it. They are a thing of the past now, it has been stripped, painted and waxed to within an inch of it's it, more to the point, so does my Mom-in-law - thank goodness !
Anyway, off to stare out of the window and wish on a star for the snow to fall.

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