Saturday, 21 January 2012

Crikey, busy day....but I did promise to upload a few photo's, so here goes nothing. Paint, I do - computer whizzery, I do bear with, bear with....
This is a rocking chair that I was asked to paint for a customer, who I'm happy to say is now a friend. Glad you love it Anna. 
The chair came to me in a rather sunny shade of orange, a recurring theme, you may have spotted already... 
I rubbed it back to remove the top coat of lacquer, then applied a coat of duck egg blue chalk paint. I will talk more about the chalk paint soon (and talk about it ALOT too, because I love to work with it..)
I allowed the base coat a good 24 hours drying time, then set to work applying the top coats. Anna had specified a colour palette to complement her lovely new kitchen and orangery, built by my VERY talented builder other half...(not a plug, you understand, am just very proud - it is a beautiful orangery after all.....). 
The next sequence of photos show the chair after the 'old ochre' top coat has been applied, followed by the wax finish. Two shades of wax were used on the chair, clear  first, then highlights added in darker colour . This added much more interest and depth to the finish and you can see it on some of the photos, particularly the shots of the spindles on the arms and legs of the chair. 
Really hope that these photo's show the soft sheen that using the wax produces. Ever so hardwearing too.

I try not to make the paint finish look contrived, I like a piece to look totally natural, as if it should always have been that colour in the first place..only then am I happy to let it out of my hands. I only rub the paint back in area's where wear and tear  would have naturally occurred over the years. 
I know that I'm a bit picky - I just like to be proud of what I do -  and I was proud of Anna's chair. 
By the way, do you like the chunky little freestanding spotty heart that it sitting on the seat? We make them too, all cut and painted by them.
I will be posting photos of some dressers that I have painted recently, including my work in progress, over the next day or two. 
I have to say that I'm already loving this blogging lark, I feel like I'm having a chat about something that I love to do and have a captive audience - though I am aware that you can simply switch me off....... Its exciting to think that the whole world can see my work - if they wanted to - that is !!

Nite all 

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