Monday, 15 October 2012

Christmas lists and pumpkins..

Hi all,

Today I have bought a teeny weeny pumpkin. Ahhhh. It really is very teeny. As pumpkins go, that is. 

And I'm going to paint it. No, really, I've seen it done and tomorrow I'm going to do it too. Its a bit of a twist on the regular orange pumpkins that we tend to find in the UK, and I'm going to give it a whirl. I do keep promising actual photographic evidence of my painting, but tomorrow I will post before and after pumpkin shots !!! Hmmmm, ok, I hear you think.......

I am typing this with my 9 year old boy chattering away to me about his rapidly growing Christmas list. Now he is researching possible list entries on the PC.....OH NO..... he's talking about early Christmas gifts he has spotted on ebay, of course promising to give me the money - yeah, right son.

Oh, how times have changed...surely a satsuma and shiny pennies are enough? Ok, even I am not that old....or am I ?

Actually though, in my day we were excited to open the door on the advent calendar just to see the seasonal picture, not demolish the chocolate !! (OK, only because chocolate filled calendars weren't around then, I suppose.)

Righty-oh then, off up the wooden hill for me.



Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A bit like a bus, thats me :)

I know, I know...nothing for months, then twice in as many days ! 

Painted lots today...bathroom cabinet, mirror, metal coat hooks....resulting in my kitchen looking vaguely like a bomb has hit it.

Every cup of coffee that I have made today has gone cold and ended up with bits of paint floating in it AND I forgot to eat !!

And I have loved it.

Every minute.

Same time tomorrow then?

Bye-eee :)


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The sun shines through the rain sometimes


I've been away awhile. To be truthful, I've not been great these past couple of months, not very well. 

But now I'm on the up and have promised myself (and my sister) that I will kick myself up the bum a bit and start to paint again, start to blog again.

So because I can and I have to, here I am. 

I have SO many pieces of furniture waiting for me that I'm on a ban from buying any more. 

Hmmmm, well except those two tables last week, ah, and the little cupboard before that.....

You see my problem. 

Righto then, got to dash to get my boys from school, but rest assured, I'll be back.




Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hmmm - and breathe....


Today was a good day.
Tomorrow will be even better - I get to paint !! Yay !!
Am thinking Antibes green....yes, definitely thinking Antibes green.......

Have been on a bit of an emotional roller-coaster recently, so can't wait to lose myself for a few hours in a tin of kind of therapy, that is...

Thanks for stopping by, sleep tight...or good morning....depending on where you are....
Either way, have a good one.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We can move mountains when we have to...


Dizzy person here again, just a quick update on the protest march. Well, we have had some WONDERFUL news...the powers that be decided that the site in question would not be sold to the probation service to develop this bail HALLELUJAH !!!!, we have succeeded in our efforts to fight this thing. The whole community can breathe again and 'normal' life can resume. The protest march turned into more of a victory celebration gathering, hundreds turning out on the streets to make our point peacefully - yet quite loudly, as it turned out!

So, I can turn my attentions to painting once again and get cracking on the many pieces that I physically CANNOT stop myself from finding, spotting and, erm, buying....
My house is so full of large pieces of furniture that visitors fail to notice them anymore. They find it totally acceptable that my hallway is completely blocked and you have to go the long way round to get to the kitchen if you are after a quick cup of tea. 

Lots of family stuff going on too, will talk more about that I daresay soon, I do find myself unburdening a bit when I hit the keyboard. Sorry in advance for that, I DO know that I twitter on a bit.....but not for now. Its late folks.

So with everyone else in this house in the land of nod, I'll say goodnight and join them.

Sweet dreams


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A fight we must win.....

Hi everyone,

How are you all? Its been haphazard posting pattern is now at an all time peak and I hope to settle into an actual pattern soon. Apologies if I am driving you a bit batty with it !

I am aware that I started this blog as a painting diary, but find myself a bit swamped with other things at the moment...sometimes life just takes over, doesn't it? 

I live in a small town, just a normal community, with normal things....schools, shops, parks...normal families with normal lives. There has been a proposal put forward to build an approved premises, or bail hostel, right in the middle of our community. Five minutes walk to primary schools, nurseries, homes for the elderly. This hostel will house ex-offenders of the worst kind. Those who have committed crimes that are unmentionable, including crimes against children. As you can imagine, the very thought of this has struck terror into the hearts of us all, especially those with young families. Our community has joined forces and will march to voice our protest on Saturday 17th March. We have no choice. This is a fight we must win. Our children do not deserve this. It cannot happen. We cannot let it happen.

If anyone wishes to join us, all are welcome. If anyone can offer advice, that too, is welcome.

Wish us luck, we really need it.


Monday, 27 February 2012

Chatter and spiders on the ceiling.....

Hi everyone,

My posting pattern is a bit haphazard to say the least, this much I know.
Am still getting used to this whole on-line world....I set off with steely purpose....then get totally distracted when I see something pretty....
The pop over to Pinterest to re-pin said pretty thing.
Then link to Twitter......and if I link to Twitter, it would seem rude not to check out Facebook too.... 
See my problem. Lack of staying power. Or maybe just SO interested in everything at once, I concentrate on nothing at all...
I just LOVE to come across new blogs that I haven't spotted before, and lose myself in getting to know all about my new discovery and their world.
I'm sure I'm not usually such a nosey person?
Am I?
Yes, I think....well, I love to people watch, always have.
I have always liked to peep inside lit windows as I go past, then get scared if I make eye contact with someone who spots me spotting them !!
So, I guess I've answered my own question, regarding the nosey-ness issue... :)
Enough chatter - time for spiders........the dreaded tonsillitis has reared its ugly throat again, I had a delirious conversation about spiders on the ceiling with my 9 year old boy at 3am this morning...he was SO hot, his little forehead actually stung.
Then came the wonder that is Nurofen for children.
He was sleeping soundly within 40 minutes, not a spider in sight.
Thanks for stopping by, off now to make soup, administer more magic potion (the aforementioned N -word), and give my boy a cuddle.

Bye for now


Monday, 20 February 2012

Dream drawers...


Just a very short post to say hello...and WOW - today I had visitors to my blog from here in the UK, Australia and Russia. 
Thank you.
I am ay-may-zed. 
Every time I take a peep at the 'audience' button and it tells me that someone has visited I have a little squeal to myself. Excitement, that is. 

Quick painting update....
I have found and bought a chest of drawers that I have been looking for for months now. Got them for a steal too. 
So am very chuffed indeed, will do before and after photo's for the blog as soon as we collect them. Which will be really soon. 
Very happy about this. Thank you wonderful ebay ....
I will also post some photographs soon of the chairs that have caused me so much trauma over the last few days. 
Still pondering a little on them to be honest, but less in progress, I like to call them...
Confusing, hmm?
So, thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by and hope to talk to you soon.
Isn't the internet fab?


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Can't see for looking....

Help !!! Have painters block, if there ever was such a thing. 
Am working on a small table and chairs, have coated the chairs in the first layer of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Chateau Grey. A lovely greeny grey colour, it is. Am struggling to settle on the top coat colour...I keep swaying to Old Ochre, then the feeling of wanting to be a bit more radical creeps in and before I know it I'm ooooooing and ahhhhhhing..
Then I'm on here, avoiding the chairs altogether. 
Then I make a coffee, avoiding again, I hear you say...
Right, enough talk, time for action.
Errr, here I go........
I'm still going.....
Will be back in a little while, no doubt. 
Ooooo, is that the kettle boiling??


Friday, 17 February 2012

Tweet Tweet .....

Well, what a revelation Twitter has been. I love it !! I am suddenly able to 'follow' people all about the place....not in a weird way, you understand, just in an extremely interested, nosey-ish, friendly kind of a way. I am friends with Gok Wan and a Heart F.M DJ is following me. Little ole' me !! O.M.G !!

I have also discovered Pinterest....I have actually created boards !!! Of my very own !! Feeling very computer savvy :) and though I know that I have much to learn I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Thank you so much to all of the lovely folk who have made 'virtual' contact with me some way, I so appreciate every little click.

Right, off to find some lovely blogs to follow.



Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Wow - I am so excited that people from all over the world have seen my blog.
Not so many, but people from oversea's !! Wow-ee.
Now I want to make friends and 'link-up'?...if thats the right - erm, way of putting it?
I need to look into this, I think.
Strangers are just friends we haven't met yet. I like that.
So, off to do a bit of 'friend-making' research. That sounds a bit sad, doesn't it?
Hope to meet you soon, looking forward to it already.


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Positive Mental Attitude. Polka-dotted, of course...

This week has been a bit of a week for taking stock. Not of stuff, so to speak, but more of life. 
Crikey, that sounds deep, and it is deep, I suppose.
Family is all important. Health. Happiness. All those blase analogies that we throw away in a sentence but so rarely actually stop to dwell on.
Well this week I dwelled. 
I painted too, but mainly, I dwelled.
I thought about what I have. I thought about my lovely boys, my funny, witty, good hearted boys. And my other half, a truly kind and generous soul, who really is the other half of me, and I felt lucky. 
And my sister, my beautiful, talented, inspiring sister, my very best friend. I think we kicked each other up the bum a bit this week. I think we needed to as well. Lets carry on kicking.
We are lucky. Look at the boys. Look now.
So then, tomorrow is a new day and I have a lot to be glad about. Challenges too, but ones I hope to rise to remembering how lucky I am. 
Wow - I bet you never expected that today. I didn't expect that today either.
Nothing is insurmountable. 
Tomorrow I will pick up my brush and carry on.
And smile while I do it.
Might even sing a little.
(Not too much though) - don't want to bring on the rain...


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Is it going to snow?

It will, it won't.... will it, won't it? 
Just SNOW for goodness sake !!!! Please?
Go on, a big dumping of thick snow would be great tonight. The boys broke up from school today for half term, so very selfishly, tomorrow would be a good day to be snowed in. 
Quick painting update - today I completed a little pine unit for my looks smashing. Its so exciting to see a piece of furniture emerge from beneath layers of old varnish....this particular piece appeared to have been used as a resting place for hot drinks, judging by the number of ring marks on the top of it. They are a thing of the past now, it has been stripped, painted and waxed to within an inch of it's it, more to the point, so does my Mom-in-law - thank goodness !
Anyway, off to stare out of the window and wish on a star for the snow to fall.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Morning everyone - well afternoon now - wow, where did that go?.... (actually 8.30 pm now, I will keep stopping and starting this post..)
Sitting here with still paint splattered hands, brushes washed and I have five minutes to upload a few more photos. 
Am currently working on some new bits and bobs, lots of accessories to accompany the furniture - chalk painted, polka-dotted, rubbed back then waxed, all given the same care and attention that the larger pieces are treated to. Will share the photos of these too soon, can't wait!
Here I go again, talking when I should be uploading photos - get me started on paint colours and its tough to stop me - its that chalky, velvety finish, you see......:)

Ok, here goes ...

These few shots show the dresser that I have just finished. It is very 'neat' as my Mum says (she really wants this dresser very badly!). The paint colour has been specially mixed and two coats applied. Three coats of soft protective wax later and we have a really pretty piece of furniture. The surface has been stripped as you can see, then darkened with vintage wax and polished up. It has a lovely sheen, you can't help but keep stroking it, its soooo smooth! 

 The dark wax adds depth to the details on the door panels and drawer fronts and really makes the piece look authentically vintage. All in all, I love this dresser, its the first one I've done with glazed doors and I like the effect. 

Nearly forgot - did you spot the hearts behind the drawer knobs? These were hand cut and mounted specially, they add a real individual accent to this dresser.

Righto, off to do bedtime stories now, so will check in again tomorrow, hope to get more pictures of previous projects up on here for you to take a look at.

Astrosaurs, here we come...


Friday, 3 February 2012

Well hello, long time no speak...

Its been so cold this week hasn't it? Really wintery and crisp, with snow due tomorrow too. I love the snow, especially when there is a roaring fire in the burner and we have absolutely no-where to go. 

Lucky that its Saturday, then. (Except we do have to pick up another piece of furniture tomorrow, but thats ok)....

Will be uploading lots more photographs soon, have sourced some lovely pieces this week and cannot wait to get painting. In fact, have already been painting. And sanding. And waxing and polishing. 

Have a lovely weekend all.

Go Sledging.....woo-hoo.....


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Today is Tuesday and has been filled with painting. The duck egg dresser is almost done, just the waxing remaining now. Still have to make the handle decision, wooden or faceted glass knobs...hmmm, tough call. 

(Will probably go glass though, as I'm a bit of a sucker for vintage sparkle.)

Have discovered today that I have to furnish a whole lounge area with wooden pieces....about five in total. I'm looking for a mix of Victorian pitch pine and others that I can paint to achieve a contemporary living space with a vintage flavour....if that is even possible ?? 

Of course it's possible - anything is possible.

Very excited.


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Crikey, busy day....but I did promise to upload a few photo's, so here goes nothing. Paint, I do - computer whizzery, I do bear with, bear with....
This is a rocking chair that I was asked to paint for a customer, who I'm happy to say is now a friend. Glad you love it Anna. 
The chair came to me in a rather sunny shade of orange, a recurring theme, you may have spotted already... 
I rubbed it back to remove the top coat of lacquer, then applied a coat of duck egg blue chalk paint. I will talk more about the chalk paint soon (and talk about it ALOT too, because I love to work with it..)
I allowed the base coat a good 24 hours drying time, then set to work applying the top coats. Anna had specified a colour palette to complement her lovely new kitchen and orangery, built by my VERY talented builder other half...(not a plug, you understand, am just very proud - it is a beautiful orangery after all.....). 
The next sequence of photos show the chair after the 'old ochre' top coat has been applied, followed by the wax finish. Two shades of wax were used on the chair, clear  first, then highlights added in darker colour . This added much more interest and depth to the finish and you can see it on some of the photos, particularly the shots of the spindles on the arms and legs of the chair. 
Really hope that these photo's show the soft sheen that using the wax produces. Ever so hardwearing too.

I try not to make the paint finish look contrived, I like a piece to look totally natural, as if it should always have been that colour in the first place..only then am I happy to let it out of my hands. I only rub the paint back in area's where wear and tear  would have naturally occurred over the years. 
I know that I'm a bit picky - I just like to be proud of what I do -  and I was proud of Anna's chair. 
By the way, do you like the chunky little freestanding spotty heart that it sitting on the seat? We make them too, all cut and painted by them.
I will be posting photos of some dressers that I have painted recently, including my work in progress, over the next day or two. 
I have to say that I'm already loving this blogging lark, I feel like I'm having a chat about something that I love to do and have a captive audience - though I am aware that you can simply switch me off....... Its exciting to think that the whole world can see my work - if they wanted to - that is !!

Nite all 

Friday, 20 January 2012

Day one, well sort of... today I join the ranks of those who have claimed a little bit of the internet as their own and created a, a blog, well I never !!
My hope for this blog is that it will be a kind of diary to follow me as I throw myself into my new adventure - sourcing, restoring and painting vintage furniture. Anyone who knows me will be well aware that I just LOVE to paint, love to find a piece that is sliding its way quietly towards obscurity and give it a new identity, a new purpose in life, then hopefully a new home. 
There is nothing quite like it. (For me, anyway!)
Does that sound a bit cheesy? Probably, but its SO true, you know. 
Love it, love it, love it.
Well, tomorrow I will be uploading a few photographs of some previous projects, to give you an idea of what I do. Hope you like them.
I'm currently working on a piece that only two days ago positively GLOWED with honeyed pine orangeyness....don't think thats even a word.....well, its now a gorgeous hand mixed shade of duck egg blue and everyone who has seen it wants to take it off my paint covered hands. (Me included actually.., but I can't keep them all, I know....or so my other half says...) 
Thats my measure, you see, if I LOVE it, then I have to hope others will too.
So, off to bed I go, will post again tomorrow with photos.
Nite nite internet