Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Wow - its been awhile :)


I have been guilty of neglecting my blog. 
I have been rather disloyal.
I have defected to......FACEBOOK !! :)
But seriously, lots has happened since we last spoke. One thing that hasn't changed though, is my love of all things furniture and all things paint.
For the last couple of months, I have been creating a FB page and have made lots of wonderful friends  because of it. I have been inspired, encouraged and my belief in my abilities is building little by little every day.
So a big hello to you, thank you if you have stopped by the blog occasionally to see me and finally sorry for being a totally RUBBISH blogger for the past months.
I will update as often as possible, please stop by my FB page to say hello.
You will find me at www.Facebook.com/Acupboardlessordinary
Be happy, sweet dreams

ps. where has my favourite font gone??


Monday, 15 October 2012

Christmas lists and pumpkins..

Hi all,

Today I have bought a teeny weeny pumpkin. Ahhhh. It really is very teeny. As pumpkins go, that is. 

And I'm going to paint it. No, really, I've seen it done and tomorrow I'm going to do it too. Its a bit of a twist on the regular orange pumpkins that we tend to find in the UK, and I'm going to give it a whirl. I do keep promising actual photographic evidence of my painting, but tomorrow I will post before and after pumpkin shots !!! Hmmmm, ok, I hear you think.......

I am typing this with my 9 year old boy chattering away to me about his rapidly growing Christmas list. Now he is researching possible list entries on the PC.....OH NO..... he's talking about early Christmas gifts he has spotted on ebay, of course promising to give me the money - yeah, right son.

Oh, how times have changed...surely a satsuma and shiny pennies are enough? Ok, even I am not that old....or am I ?

Actually though, in my day we were excited to open the door on the advent calendar just to see the seasonal picture, not demolish the chocolate !! (OK, only because chocolate filled calendars weren't around then, I suppose.)

Righty-oh then, off up the wooden hill for me.



Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A bit like a bus, thats me :)

I know, I know...nothing for months, then twice in as many days ! 

Painted lots today...bathroom cabinet, mirror, metal coat hooks....resulting in my kitchen looking vaguely like a bomb has hit it.

Every cup of coffee that I have made today has gone cold and ended up with bits of paint floating in it AND I forgot to eat !!

And I have loved it.

Every minute.

Same time tomorrow then?

Bye-eee :)


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The sun shines through the rain sometimes


I've been away awhile. To be truthful, I've not been great these past couple of months, not very well. 

But now I'm on the up and have promised myself (and my sister) that I will kick myself up the bum a bit and start to paint again, start to blog again.

So because I can and I have to, here I am. 

I have SO many pieces of furniture waiting for me that I'm on a ban from buying any more. 

Hmmmm, well except those two tables last week, ah, and the little cupboard before that.....

You see my problem. 

Righto then, got to dash to get my boys from school, but rest assured, I'll be back.




Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hmmm - and breathe....


Today was a good day.
Tomorrow will be even better - I get to paint !! Yay !!
Am thinking Antibes green....yes, definitely thinking Antibes green.......

Have been on a bit of an emotional roller-coaster recently, so can't wait to lose myself for a few hours in a tin of ASCP....my kind of therapy, that is...

Thanks for stopping by, sleep tight...or good morning....depending on where you are....
Either way, have a good one.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We can move mountains when we have to...


Dizzy person here again, just a quick update on the protest march. Well, we have had some WONDERFUL news...the powers that be decided that the site in question would not be sold to the probation service to develop this bail hostel....so HALLELUJAH !!!!, we have succeeded in our efforts to fight this thing. The whole community can breathe again and 'normal' life can resume. The protest march turned into more of a victory celebration gathering, hundreds turning out on the streets to make our point peacefully - yet quite loudly, as it turned out!

So, I can turn my attentions to painting once again and get cracking on the many pieces that I physically CANNOT stop myself from finding, spotting and, erm, buying....
My house is so full of large pieces of furniture that visitors fail to notice them anymore. They find it totally acceptable that my hallway is completely blocked and you have to go the long way round to get to the kitchen if you are after a quick cup of tea. 

Lots of family stuff going on too, will talk more about that I daresay soon, I do find myself unburdening a bit when I hit the keyboard. Sorry in advance for that, I DO know that I twitter on a bit.....but not for now. Its late folks.

So with everyone else in this house in the land of nod, I'll say goodnight and join them.

Sweet dreams


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A fight we must win.....

Hi everyone,

How are you all? Its been ages...my haphazard posting pattern is now at an all time peak and I hope to settle into an actual pattern soon. Apologies if I am driving you a bit batty with it !

I am aware that I started this blog as a painting diary, but find myself a bit swamped with other things at the moment...sometimes life just takes over, doesn't it? 

I live in a small town, just a normal community, with normal things....schools, shops, parks...normal families with normal lives. There has been a proposal put forward to build an approved premises, or bail hostel, right in the middle of our community. Five minutes walk to primary schools, nurseries, homes for the elderly. This hostel will house ex-offenders of the worst kind. Those who have committed crimes that are unmentionable, including crimes against children. As you can imagine, the very thought of this has struck terror into the hearts of us all, especially those with young families. Our community has joined forces and will march to voice our protest on Saturday 17th March. We have no choice. This is a fight we must win. Our children do not deserve this. It cannot happen. We cannot let it happen.

If anyone wishes to join us, all are welcome. If anyone can offer advice, that too, is welcome.

Wish us luck, we really need it.